Friends Honours Boards


      PATRON: HRH The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex KG GVCO 




1989-1998 Derick Matthews QSM 1992 Derick Matthews QSM
1998-2000 Gerald McDouall OBE 2000 Jean Hussey
2000-2002 Derick Matthews QSM 2001 Shirley McDouall QSM
2002-2006 Bill Lind 2002 Cecily Matthews
2006-2010 Jim Kerr 2003 Diane Moreland
2010-2013 Tony Cowan BEM 2003 Bill Lind
2013-        Fred Holmes 2006 Phil Groves
2006 Noleen Groves
Volunteer of the Year: 2007 John Richardson
2007 Pam Richardson
1998 Pam Richardson 2007 Jim Kerr
1999 Eric Whitehead 2007 Joe McIlroy
2000 Kirsten McIlroy 2007 Eric Whiteside
2001 Cecily Matthews 2008 Doff Bright
2001 Norm Olsen 2009 Jim Ennis
2002 Rosemary Tennant 2012 Shirna Matthews
2003 Doff Bright 2013 Tony Cowan BEM
2003 Noleen Groves  Twenty Years Service Badge:
2004 Sam Plumridge  
2005 Olga McKerras  Derick Matthews
2006 Pam Richardson  Jim Kerr
2007 Jim Ennis  Jim Ennis
2008 Kelsey Clark  Joe McIlroy
2008 Caleb McNabb  Sheryn Derby
2009 Phil Groves  Debbie Spence
2010 Erin Matthews  Olga McKerras
2011 Caleb Gosney  Pam Richardson
2012 Nina Alexander  Marianna Dowman
2013 Phil Groves  Ron Seconi
2014 Nathan Brown   John Richardson
         Damian White  Phil Groves
2015 Sandy Fage  Noleen Groves
   Eileen McIlroy
   Marlene Steele
   Roselene Kerr
   Sandra Clement 
   Hilary Cowan
   Kirsten McIlroy
   Mark Wilson




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